Picture taken in 1998
April 2002
Picture taken in Apirl 2002

Edith Scheuerman Elementary School is named for Edith Scheuerman, a teacher remembered as one who constantly sought the best from herself, her students, and her colleagues. Teaching was not just a job or a way to make a living for Edith. It was her life. Naming a school after Edith Scheuerman indicated the success and respect she obtained as a teacher and as a person in the community of Garden City, KS.

Edith Scheuerman School's mascot is the tiger. The tiger was chosen as the mascot because Mrs. Scheuerman had a pet who was very dear to her. He was a little dog that she called "Tiger".

Edith Scheuerman School opened in the fall of 1986. At the time, the school had grades Kindergarten through grade 6, with classrooms for the Hearing Impaired, D.I. and ESL.